The Mothers’ Market | LeMall | CSR March 2019

LeMall, one of the leading commercial centers in Lebanon, organized for the second year in a row, “The Mothers Market” during the month of March at both LeMall Dbayeh and LeMall Sin El Fil.

The idea stems from the consumers’ observation that a big number of mothers are working from their homes and producing a great amount of work that most of the time goes unnoticed, whether for the lack of funds, marketing, or even, know how. Bearing the difficult economic prevailing situation, “The Mothers Market” gives talented mothers the opportunity to exhibit and sell their homemade products for free at LeMall’s premises.

“This year, LeMall opened new doors to 42 mothers by giving them the opportunity to meet new clients and showcase their crafts in a location where traffic is extremely busy especially during the weekends” said Rima Awabdy, marketing director at LeMall.

LeMall was able to draw 42 smiles this year and due to the massive demand, the third edition of “The Mothers Market” is on its way!