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We Are In Love With This Mother’s Day Initiative


Leave it to LeMall to give our Lebanese mothers the lucrative platform they deserve.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, LeMall has launched a two-weekend exhibition in which Lebanese women get to showcase their wonderful products and decadent delicacies.

Whether its baked goods, artistic products, jewelry and more, each mother is equipped with the cutest stand, with no fees or sales commission. The initiative is purely about helping these mothers shine like they’re meant to.

So, we’re going to count till three (yes, we pulled the Lebanese mother card) for all of you to show up and support all the hardworking mamas out there!

In fact, our very own team member’s mom will be partaking in the exhibition and selling the yummiest sweets and most scrumptious bites.

You can find Dida’s Treats this Friday till Sunday from 3 PM till 8 PM at Le Mall Sin El Fil, so make sure you stop by! We guarantee that you’re in for a treat, as we get to witness our co-worker come in with the most appetizing homemade food on a daily basis (and deal with weekly jibbileh el Tupperware threats).

See you there!